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This exercise creates a frame for discussions about the tendency of our world to be a global space for different cultures, habits and life styles. The background idea is to remark the hidden values promoted by every single culture or some characteristics associated to different nations.


The main objective is to help participants in analyzing and raising their awareness about the global culture in which we live our lives.


- poster (see the hand out) multiplied

- sheet of paper, A3 size

- markers


  1. Divide participants in 3 or 4 smaller groups to allow quality discussions among the participants. Distribute copies of the poster to be used as a support for the discussions.
  2. Ask participants to analyse the statements listed on the poster from the point of view of the cultural roots which influence our perspectives. After discussing in these groups, you can conduct a final debate with the entire group of participants.
  3. Invite participants to reflect individually and prepare some new posters with personal statements related to the global cultural setting of our lives. Suggest the use of specific contexts for this reason, such as a sport event, an exhibition, a school event etc.


  • How was the exercise? How did it feel to discuss the topics?
  • Did you reach the topic of cultures, values?
  • What can we learn from this example?




A Poster in a Turkish Restaurant in Paris

Your God is Jewish

The car you drive is Japanese

The pizza is Italian

The democracy you practice is a Greek invention

Your cafe is from Brazil

The watch you wear is Swiss

Your shirt is Indian

The radio is from Korea

You spend your holidays in Turkey, Tunisia or Morocco

Your digits are Arabic

Your script is Latin

And you....tell to your neighbour that he/she is a stranger


Group exercise

Please, read the text and reflect on it. Discuss with your colleagues the message of the text above and comment on how it is related to our reality.


Individual exercise

Please, create your own ”poster” with a similar message. Try to imagine that your poster will be used in a certain place or context (for instance at the entrance of a football game, in a school, at a tram station etc.)




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