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The objective of this exercise is the promotion of social actions which are linked in explicit or implicit manner with anti-discriminative attitudes and practices.

Participants will know how to incorporate in everyday situations equality, diversity and inclusion.


  • internet connection
  • video projector and a screen
  • sheets of paper, markers


  1. The trainer will start a preparatory discussion with the participants and will ask them to remember and share with others some personal impressions and experiences. They have to be linked with the topic of equality, diversity and inclusion and could be based on positive or negative feelings.
  2. After a short discussion with the participants on the topic a video will be shown. The video will give an insight and a proper visual support to organize a round table debate about anti-discrimination.
  3. In this last part try to collect practical ideas concerning social actions which could be delivered in the communities of the participants, in order to strengthen cohesion among people.




  • Was it difficult to identify personal experiences connected to the presented topics? How did you feel sharing them with the group?
  • How did you feel watching the video?
  • Do you see the situation from the video happening in your communities as well?
  • Was it difficult to think about the social actions you would like to take in your communities?





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Co-founded by the Eramsus+ Programme of the European Union

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