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Follow-up planning activity, to be done individually. Time depends on the group’s size (can even be done with one person), e.g. for a group of 20-30 people it can take around 40 min.


Individual follow-up planning and visualization


Pyramid models printed on colour papers, enough for each participant, scissors, glue, pens.


  1. Each participant receives a pyramid shape and has to write his/her name in the middle square. Each triangle (edge of the pyramid) has to be signed with one of four follow-up steps that each participant wants and is ready to take after the activity to contribute to the solution of the project topic or problem (e.g. how to contribute to cultural integration in local community/ how to contribute to improvement of migration policy/ how to help refugees).
  2. The suggestions for 4 edges of the pyramid are:
  • my action: 1) first day after the activity; 2) in one week; 3) in one month; 4) in one year;
  • or, my possible contribution: 1) on personal level; 2) organization level; 3) community level; 4) political level;
  1. Participants should cut and stick their pyramids and share their plans in the common group.
  2. Afterwards an exhibition of pyramids is organized. Participants may bring their pyramids back home not to forget their plans.


Note: The final glued pyramids should look like this:


  • Was it hard to set your personal long and short term goals?
  • How did it feel to think about your goals and write them down?



Pyramid Model




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