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The activity allows a positioning of the participants on controversial topics related to discrimination, encouraging participants to stand up for their own thoughts and opinions.


  • Tape
  • List of statements (see annex)


  • Stick two posters on which you write "I agree" and "I disagree" at the opposite ends of the room. Use paper tape to draw a line from one poster to the other.


  1. Explain participants that you will read several statements (see annex). For each they are invited to position themselves anywhere between “I agree” and ”I disagree”, depending on how much they agree or disagree with it.
  2. Instruct participants that debating during the positioning is not allowed, as this is an activity strictly on taking a stand on different topics. After they find their position they will have few moments to look at the layout of the group and then the next statement will be read.
  3. Read out the statements one after the other.
  4. After having gone through the statements bring the group back together for a reflection round in order to discuss their emotions and to avoid resentments against each other.


In order to allow participants to explain their position, you can ask some of them why they have chosen their position. Make sure you invite persons from the end-points and near the centre to offer such explanation, in order to have a balanced approach on the topic.


  • How did it feel to stand up for your opinion?
  • Which were the statements for which you found it more difficult to choose a position and why?
  • Which were the statements for which you felt the biggest need to defend your position?




“Here I Stand” Statements

  1. I have prejudice.
  2. Positive discrimination/positive action is still necessary and important.
  3. Far right politicians have the right to express their views, regardless how offensive people might find those views.
  4. Immigrants should adapt their culture to the host country.
  5. I believe it is possible to reconcile religion and science.
  6. I believe allowing too many refugees will pose a threat to Christianity in Europe
  7. An employer should have the right not to employ a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf.
  8. Schools and workplaces should accommodate religious particularities of employees, such as dietary restrictions, holidays and prayer times.
  9. The refugee crisis is a threat to European values
  10. Europe should welcome any refugee that asks for European protection





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